Photography Tours in Greece

Photo Tours and Workshops in Greece

Greece is an absolutely stunning country for outdoor photography.

Pristine nature, emerald seas, colorful skies, picturesque villages and vibrant cities all have a role to play in photography excellence, but it is also the unparalleled biodiversity, friendly people and excellent gastronomy that can be captured on our Photo Tours in Greece.

The best seasons for photography are spring, fall and winter, thanks to the light intensity, changing landscapes and calmer atmosphere. Nonetheless, if you do find yourself in Greece during summer, rest assured that you will still have plenty to photograph.

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Greece Photo Tours
Greece Photo Tours

Let’s be clear: most of us know how to compute the hyperfocal distance, when and how to use a filter, what shutter speed to use to freeze the flight of a bird or to render a waterfall as smooth as silk, the rule of thirds, the direction of light, e.t.c.

If you need help with that, you can count on me. No question, I will always be there to help you with any doubt you might have.

But I strive to teach you much more than how to use your equipment. I want to show you how to identify a clear subject in your photos, how to use composition, scene contrast and colour to enhance the subject and draw the viewer’s eye to it.

I will teach you how to look out for other elements in a scene and determine whether they support the main subject or detract from it, in which case they should be excluded from the frame or their importance should be diminished. With a few simple principles in mind, you will be able to create images with no distractions and capture the attention of viewers.

During the Photo Tour, we will discuss the following topics :

  • The importance of art.
  • Focusing the viewer’s attention using visual elements.
  • Conveying mood.
  • Static and dynamic compositions, visual mass and negative space.