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Photography Tours in Greece


Greece Photography Tours

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Born and raised in the Greek heaven, Stavros absolutely understands how to value great attractions and what is more important, he is familiar with tips on how to make outstanding photography tours that will take away your breath every time you will look at your vacation images. The journey images not at all times might show the uniqueness of the spent times, the beauty of the environment as well as the emotions experienced while you have fun time with your friends or the family. Nevertheless, those created by Stavros will definitely allow you to view how wonderful and full of feelings life’s genuinely. With a vast portfolio, this skilled and creative photographer does not focus solely on capturing the great lifestyle people’s moments as well as immortalize them, he is essentially creating stories behind his pics. Because he uses his camera to bandmaster the attractive picture that you’re going to see afterword and make portraits, traveling pics as well as distinctive party photographs that will impress you together with all your friends for many years to come.

Topics that will be discussed during the Photography Tours

Let’s be clear: we can tell a f-stop from a bus stop, we know how to compute the hyperfocal distance, when and how to use a filter, what shutter speed to use to freeze the flight of a bird or to render a waterfall as smooth as silk, the rule of thirds and the direction of light.

If you need help with that, you can count on me. No question, I will always be there to help you with any doubt you might have.

But I strive to teach you much more than how to use your equipment. I want to show you how to identify a clear subject in your photos, how to use composition, contrast, sharpness, and color to enhance the subject and draw the viewer’s eye to it.I will teach you how to look out for other elements in a scene and determine whether they support the main subject or detract from it, in which case they should be excluded from the frame or their importance should be diminished.With a few simple principles in mind, you will be able to create images that tell a clear story, with no distractions, and capture the attention of viewers.

Here are some of the topics that will be discussed during the workshop:

  • What it means to have talent and the importance of art.
  • Focusing the viewer’s attention using visual elements.
  • Conveying mood.
  • Static and dynamic compositions, visual mass and negative space.

As a really expert, Stavros doesn’t merely arrange photo sessions and guidelines you on the way you really should work in order to transmit the authentic emotions yet also, he manages the editorial part, which sometimes is just as important as the session itself is. So, the cooperation with him will provide an awesome experience, excellent time spending and creative and full of impressive images.

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