I offer my clients a wide set of services that can use for the benefit of their business or personal projects. If you are interested you can have a look at my Photography Collections.

For those who want my photography services at a remote or distant location, I’m willing to travel.

Photography Services

Aerial Photography offers views of buildings and landscapes that cannot be captured from the ground. Aerial photographs are especially useful in the real estate industry to show overall views of large buildings or properties or land that is open to development, as well as the surrounding landscape, roads, and other buildings and features.

Aerial photography is also useful in showing land that is open for development to potential investors. Companies that are interested in building homes, businesses, resorts, schools or other structures on a piece of land need to have an accurate understanding of its size to make their plans. Developers also need to be aware of the surrounding landscape and factors such as roads and other buildings that would influence their plans. Aerial photography also allows developers to monitor the progress of a project as it is being brought to fruition.

If you are a real estate agent interested in selling a building or piece of land, aerial photography can allow you to show potential customers the size of a building and the surrounding landscape and draw their interest.

Some of the most common usages for aerial coverage are the following :

  • Commercial & Real Estate Properties
  • Travel Attractions and Landscapes
  • Landmarks and Historic Monuments
  • Marine Industry
  • Residential & Commercial Properties
  • Stores, Small Business
  • Hotels, Studios, B&B
  • Aerial Photography Services included
  • Families / Couples
  • Corporate / Professional Headshots
  • Senior Portraits
  • Environmental Portraits
  • Acting, Bodypaint, Cosplay, Swimwear
  • Fitness, Glamour, Lifestyle, Lingerie
  • Pinup, Promotional Modeling, Runway
  • Everyday Life
  • Reportage